PHP Development

PHP is the server side language which is designed for the web development and also used in general purpose programming language. PHP is implementing on more than 240 million websites and on 2.1 million web servers. PHP originally stand for Personal Home Page but now it stand for Hypertext Pre-processor which is a recursive backronym. PHP is very simple to mix with the HTML code or it can be used in various combinations of web frameworks. PHP code is processed by a PHP interpreter which is usually implemented as a Common Gateway Interface. After the execution of PHP code, the web server sends the resulting output to its client in the form of a part of the generated web page. PHP also include a common line interface capability and used in standalone graphical applications. The standard PHP interpreter powered by the Zend Engine is a free software that work under the PHP license. PHP can be implemented on most of the web servers and on every operating system and platform without any charge.