To attract people to read your text, you include images in your articles. Well-chosen images strengthen your message. If you are going to take the time, effort and money to produce and manage your website, then you have to improve the user’s experience and website’s visibility on search engine results. If you want to improve the accessibility of your website, then you don’t forget to give good alt attributes. The complete HTML image tag is:

Search engine robots can’t read images without text and you also missed a keyword opportunity. Alt text stands for alternative information. It specifies an alternate text for user agents that can’t display images. This text does not have to be a sentence but more a descriptive, keyword-rich phrase. It also describes what’s on the image and function of the image on the page. Alt text helps the visually impaired navigate the Internet.

The title tag is for human readers. Title text can be written as a call to action to prompt a reader to act. These are very simple titles for your images. A title tag has few different purposes one is to provide the reader with little more information about the image. Title text can be used with images and when linking out to another web page. When you hover your mouse over a hyperlink as well, you see title tag will appear. Title tag also tells users and search engines clear and concise, that is what my page is all about. Optimize images on your website with alt and title tags should not take that much time. It will give your website a huge boost in terms of driving more relevant traffic. The steps that should be taken while adding alt tags and title tags on your website:

  • Determine the image you want to use.
  • Find a broad keyword that you can use.
  • Use the broad keyword for alt tag.
  • Use the long-tail keyword for title tag and be sure to add supporting copy to your title tag so that when people hover their mouse over image they can read your title tag.
  • Save your work.

The biggest benefits that you will receive with alt tag and title tag are as follows:

  • Search traffic to your website is increased
  • High quality search traffic to your website
  • More engaged website visitors